Thursday, February 12, 2009

chai tanya about earth

Our Sages say in Avodah Zarah 5B A man should always submit to the words of Torah like an ox to the yoke, an ass to the load.

A yoke keeps an animal from looking to the sides and going astray. Therefore a man should submit to the words of Torah to keep going straight. The ox is plowing the Earth, which is mentioned in the same Tanya portion for chai shvat like laziness about performing mitzvahs is from the Earth aspect of one's animal soul.

I think this tanya portion is really about fully living out one's potential as a Jew and therefore is great for Shvat 18. Because 18 means life and it's about trees and man is like a tree.

Conquering depression laziness requires physical strength.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hebrew in Clitoris-- hot off the presses!

Hebrew root KLT contain echoes of asylum...
kal means swift, (MA)LAT is to escape or "light out."

escape for the girl, her release. it also provides the girls release swiftly.

and, when the girl cums it's like you killed her temporarily, known as "the little death" in french, and in Judaism, a murderer must flee to the city of refuge called (MI)KLTS. Therefore with a slight twist, if one is about to make a girl experience the little death, to the clitoris must he run too.

KALADT is to retain; it is related to the word clot which is to say the least, a stoppage of blood flow, like what happens to the blood in the erectile tissue of the clitoris, so it can stay erect and sensitive.

KALADT is also connected to the Anglo-Saxon clott which is a round mass, like the clit. It is also connected to the German klotz (lump or block). Therefore, it seems that clitoris is connected to the Yiddish word klutz. Klutz means clumsy. Given the subtle and satirical nature of Yiddish, one may say, indeed one is a klutz if he can't find the clitoris, and with clumsy fingers. Also implies there is a really easy sequence to bring a girl to climax.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Bread Fast on Passover versus the Everything Fast on Yom Kippur

I noticed that with Yom Kippur after eating, your back to normal in short order. But with Passover you are enjoying Bread-products even three days after you can eat bread again. Being away from one major food group for one week makes a lot bigger impact than just missing all food for one day.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


back in USA

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Party in Herziliya

Party in Herziliya ... and i like snuff

Monday, February 20, 2006

a place to rent, a job, a radio show

I got a job in israel teaching basic math and reading skills. its fun because its in a hotel lobby. i found a place to rent for two months. i will be making a radio show.

the post below about being interviewed on the tuvia singer show was done the morning before the the assault on amona. I was there and it was an honor and privelidge to stand one's ground with the thousands of people who were there to defend those nine houses. i was on roof 2 holding a door against the water cannon.
we didnt see the "misalniks" coming up the side of the house and we didnt have a plan how to resist them at that point. I wasnt hurt but two of our guys got hurt real bad.

well, in this country for two more months.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

getting arrested (again) in Hebron

Got arrested in Hebron ... it took four cops to carry me out. What a smooth ride.
They wanted to take pictures for a police file of me but they didnt have any film. Then i was taken to the police interrogation room and i saw these arabs that were blindfolded and being interrogated and my heart skipped a beat -- that's it was time to pay my dues. And then i figured nah i am not about to be tortured. But on my way out I did bump my head on a metal bar. This is just some of the lighter things that happened it what is actually an emergency as the goverment of Israel has decided to throw jews out of the avraham aveinu neighborhood in Hebron.

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